How It Works?


The Business Loan Marketplace Process


1. Application


Fill up the online application form, including all relevant details about your company

2. Conversation


Our service agents will call to find out more details about you and your company

3. Verification

hired 3.png

If you haven’t, send us your business documents to verify your identity

4. Notification

contact us 2.png

Your business information package, excluding contact details, will be sent to all relationship managers

5. Connection


You will be contacted with relationship managers who are confident to offer you a financing solution



Key Details

  1. Only interested relationship managers, who think they are able to offer you a business financing deal, will contact you for further credit assessments.

  2. Once you have connected to these lenders, you are free to choose the best deal offered from any relationship managers, according to your own criteria.

  3. Lendingpot is a free & unbiased marketplace in Singapore, we do not control who contacts you.

  4. Relationship managers may seek to compete for your business by either improving price or service, both of which benefits small business owners like you.