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“Lenders of Lendingpot” - Interview with Sharath Singh, Commercial Director of Capital Match Pte Ltd

Capital Match Pte Ltd is a peer-to-peer lending and invoice financing platform for SMEs in Singapore.

Learn how Capital Match, through its merger with e-procurement portal SESAMi (Singapore), is able to support SMEs with its unique “Early Payment System”.

Hear directly from Sharath Singh, commercial director of Capital Match Pte Ltd!

“Lenders of Lendingpot” - Interview with Swaroop Shah, Sales Director of Validus Capital Pte Ltd

Validus Capital Pte Ltd is a licensed Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Crowdfunding Platform in Singapore.

We speak to Sales Director Swaroop Shah and learn the inner workings of the company, which is invested by the prestigious Vertex Ventures, a subsidiary of Temasek Holdings.

“Lenders of Lendingpot” - Interview with Charis Liau, Chief Executive Officer of Minterest Pte Ltd

Minterest Pte Ltd is a licensed Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Crowdfunding Platform in Singapore.

The company is founded by experienced former investment bankers, who specialises in business loans for mid-to-large cap companies whose financing needs may not be fully met by the banks.

Hear from CEO Charis Liau about Minterest and their value proposition for SME business owners!

“Lenders of Lendingpot” - Interview with Christopher Chan, Chief Executive Officer of Fundtier Pte Ltd

Apr '19

Fundtier Pte Ltd is a Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Crowdfunding Platform in Singapore.

They received their Capital Markets License (CMS) license from the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) in Dec 2017.

Learn about their business proposition for SMEs from CEO Christopher Chan!

“Lenders of Lendingpot” - Interview with Jonathan Chong, Chief Operating Officer of Multiply (by IFS Capital Limited)

Apr '19

Multiply is IFS Capital Limited's digital financing service for micro and small businesses.

Contrary to the traditional financial institutions, they specialise in providing small amounts of financing for SMEs who may not require large sums.

Learn more from Jonathan Chong, the Chief Operating Officer of Multiply.

“Lenders of Lendingpot” - Interview with Darius Oh, Sales Director of Xingang Investment Pte Ltd

Mar '19

Xingang Investment Pte Ltd is a private lender that provides business loans to SMEs in Singapore.

We hear from Sales Director Darius Oh and learn why they are one of the biggest alternative financiers in Singapore.

“Lenders of Lendingpot” - Interview with Brian Teng, CEO of InvoiceInterchange

Mar '19

We're so excited to announce our new video series "Lenders of Lendingpot" where we introduce the partner financiers of

In this first video, learn about CEO Brian Teng of InvoiceInterchange and the financing options they offer to SMEs.

Interview with Kheng Leong, Regional Director of Factors Chain International (FCI)

Dec '17

(Part 1/3) Clearing Misconceptions about Invoice Financing

(Part 2/3) Can Invoice Financing Help SMEs?

(Part 3/3) Is Factoring Expensive in Singapore?