About Us


We are the first SME Business Loan Marketplace in Singapore

  1. Lendingpot enables SME business owners, who need business loans, to be connected to over 30 financial institutions with just one application.

  2. Lendingpot is not a lender, but an intermediary that connects you to lenders.

It all started when..

Executives in IFS Capital Limited felt that more could be done to enhance an SME’s experience in obtaining business financing.

From our experience on the ground, we know that many SMEs go through a time consuming process of repeated business loan enquiries to various financial institutions, often without results to show for.

We conceptualized a marketplace to remove these barriers to entry, where every business owner in Singapore can benefit from the free-flowing of information there.

Lendingpot is a free and competitive business loan marketplace in Singapore

By adopting a free-for-all model, we want to promote the idea of competitiveness in Singapore’s business loan ecosystem.

As relationship managers from different institutions compete to secure a prospective SME’s business, they may do so by lowering price, or increasing service standards.

Doing either may improve the application experience and benefits these SME business owners.

We are also a knowledge base for SMEs to learn about business financing

Knowledge and application goes hand-in-hand.

We believe that other than providing an easy way for business financing, we should also provide information about these financing products.

By demystifying business financing products and institutions, we encourage SMEs to make informed choices about the loans they are taking.

We are a small team that understands SME businesses

Randy Sim, Chief Executive Officer

Randy Sim, Chief Executive Officer

Eric Koh, Chief Operating Officer

Eric Koh, Chief Operating Officer

Gina Ng, Systems Advisor

Gina Ng, Systems Advisor


Key information about us

  1. Launched in late 2017

  2. A member of the IFS Capital group of companies. Operating fairly and transparently with all partner financial institutions.

  3. Over 70% of verified SMEs* received at least 1 business loan from our partner lenders in 2018


Why do we exist?

We believe it should be easy for SMEs in Singapore to get business financing.


How do we do that?

We reduce barriers for SMEs by providing them with information and connection to make the right decision.


What we do?

We operated a business loan marketplace in Singapore.

Contact us?

+65 6303 0946

+65 8774 9895 (WhatsApp Only)

10 Eunos Rd 8, #09-04 Singapore Post Centre, Singapore 408600