How Can You Make Factoring Work For Your Company? (Branded Content)


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Factoring has been proposed as a solution for companies that are ineligible for other sources
of funding like loans.

It sounds simple enough: you sell your outstanding invoices to a financier to receive
immediate payment.

However, in our experience, it may not work for all companies; Small companies often find it hard to factor their invoices for various reasons.

1. “Too small for us”

The larger financial institutions have a strong preference to factor larger invoices. This way, they stand to earn more from interest and fees.

Applications are often declined for smaller companies with smaller invoices which are considered
less attractive.

2. “Give us more”

Larger Financial institutions often require the entire receivables ledger of a company to be factored: i.e. all incoming invoices to be registered.

This isolates companies want the flexibility to pick and choose which invoices to factor.

3. “Too Young for us”

Companies with less than 2 years will still struggle to get approval, even if they have done business with reputable companies.

Track record and years in business are very important indicators for traditional financiers.

4. “We need more assurance from you”

For most factoring arrangements, personal guarantees from company directors are a non-negotiable requirement.

This will is very unattractive for business owners who have set up private limited companies to keep their personal and businesses finances separate.

5. “Application Anxiety”

For smaller companies with tighter cashflow needs and those that require cash on short notice, the long approval times and unclear criteria of traditional financiers lead to much stress and uncertainty.

Introducing Multiply

Multiply is a new service that could make factoring work for your company.

You decide which invoice you would like to factor! No invoice or company is too small for us.

Applications to Multiply are almost as simple as shopping online, and you will hear back from the team in less than 2 days.

Best of all, if you fit our clear and transparent criteria, we will not require personal guarantees.

Head to the Multiply website at or if you have any queries, drop us an email at


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