This SME pioneered the use of 3D virtual tours to view properties and now they are expanding!

Left: Eric Koh of  with Sophie Wang, Director of SpotWorks Pte Ltd. Right: Architectural 3D Rendering of Park View Square, Singapore:  SpotWorks

Left: Eric Koh of with Sophie Wang, Director of SpotWorks Pte Ltd.
Right: Architectural 3D Rendering of Park View Square, Singapore: SpotWorks

“Better Than Real” is the tagline which sums up the work that local creative studio, SpotWorks Pte Ltd, specialises in.

Along with its sister company IMME VR, SpotWorks uses the latest Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR) and 3D imaging technology to create engaging videos, animation and virtual tours of architectural buildings and property interiors, bringing the future to life.

Technology as the medium

Their services empower architects, developers and real estate agent by allowing them to leverage digital technology to showcase their products.

A diverse range of visualisation options can be used for both existing as well as yet-to-be-completed projects.

These are some of their key products.

  • 360° Photo Virtual Tour (Existing Property)

    • Converting a set of 360° photos of an existing property into an interactive tour for viewers online. These are most commonly used in Singapore by real estate agents to showcase their beautiful property

  • 3D 360° Virtual Tour (Yet-to-be-Built Property)

    • This is the same interactive tour, however, this entire image is computer generated. Property developers use this to showcase the interior of yet-to-be-built properties.

  • Architectural 3D Rendering (Image)

    • The most basic tool for architects, developers and interior designers. These simple still image visualisation will highlight how a property will look after development.

  • Architectural Movie

    • Architectural movies uses the same 3D rendering technology, allowing viewers to fly through large buildings and developments, experiencing the entire development space.

  • 4k 360° Walk Through Animation

    • This allows a viewer to have complete control of where and what they are looking at in a 360° virtual environment, in 4k video clarity. Every square inch of this video is computer generated.

  • 3D Real Time Architectural Visualisation

    • They are among the first to launch an application for the Oculus Rift VR headset, allowing viewers to immerse themselves in the virtual environment in real-time. A step-up from the 4k 360° Walk Through Animation.

  • Augmented Reality Floorplan/Video Play

    • This augmented reality application uses the latest technological advances to project a creation directly onto the floor plan of a property. Watch this video to find just how far technology have progressed.

Growing Beyond Singapore

Together, SpotWorks and IMME VR, have completed projects in over 27 countries. Singapore, China, USA and UAE are currently identified as their key markets.

To scale the business, the directors intend to set up subsidiaries in the United States. This will allow them to reach their target clients more effectively.

Through the Lendingpot platform, the directors were connected to representatives from over 35 bank and non-bank financial institutions in Singapore.

After discussions, the directors decided to work with OCBC as they felt that the local bank offered the best proposal to support their business expansion plans

Speed and Efficiency of Assistance for SMEs

The directors of SpotWorks received 2 key assistance during their successful search for a business expansion partner.

Firstly, they were able to speak to a Business Advisor from an SME Centre.

Ms Amanda Tan*, a Senior Business Advisor from SME Centre @ SouthWest, not only provided clarity about the government’s assistance for small business owners, she was also able to guide them towards the right business contacts.

Secondly, the business relationship team from OCBC responded rapidly after being notified by Lendingpot’s Business Loan Marketplace.

It took them less than 3 working days to come up with a proposal after receiving additional documents from the company directors.

*SMEs are able to contact and schedule a session with Ms Amanda Tan via Linkedin.

Try out SpotWorks’ services today!

As one of the pioneers of visualisation technology in Singapore, they are trusted by interior designers, property agents, architects and developers.

They are partly responsible for this shifting trend towards using technology in property sales.

The directors of SpotWorks is grateful for the support and to give back their core group of clients, they are offering this special deal through!

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