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Affinity Financial Services Pte Ltd – Building A Better Financial World

Jennifer Tjahyadi
February 2, 2021

From Left: Jennifer from Lendingpot, Cathy and Joe, Directors of Affinity Financial Services Pte Ltd.

A banker with over 25 years of experience, Cathy wanted to ‘call it quits’ until she ran into Joe, a real estate consultant through a work project.

At that time, the two saw an opportunity to embark on a real estate and financial consultancy venture and took a leap of faith to get in the game.

Seated in their current office at Paya Lebar Square, they recounted the early days when all they had was a shared office at Kampong Ubi Industrial Park.

“The going was tough, but once we’ve obtained trust from our clients and investors, the trust is transferred,” said Cathy.

The company started by offering secured lending (residential, commercial, industrial) for a maximum of 3 years.

Over the years, the partners paid heed to ideas and suggestions from investors and clients, and started offering unsecured loans, bridging and mortgage loans.

Today, the business has evolved from a consultancy company into a private lending company and more, with a presence in four countries.

Affinity Financial Services’ Office
Affinity Financial Services’ Office
Affinity Financial Services’ Office

Financial Solutions Tailored To Your Needs

The word “Affinity” represents the heart of what Joe and Cathy do on a daily basis.

“We adopt the ‘one size does not fit all’ mentality: our solutions are built based on the needs of the business, individual, investor,” Cathy said.

Expect nothing less than a personal consultative session of understanding more about your company, ideas, purpose and goals.

In March 2020, the partners contacted all their clients and reassured them that they have got their backs.

“Sometimes, all they need is just a pat on their back and an ardent supporter. Whether it’s an interest reduction, loan restructuring or payment holiday, we worked it out with them,” said Cathy.

Their efforts paid off when their default rate was 0% last year, despite the COVID-19 crisis.

Transcending the same principles, they adopt an open and transparent  relationship with their investors.

Seizing New Opportunities

Like many of their clients, new investors came knocking on their door because they have heard good things about the company.

Their expansion opportunity arose when a Melbourne-based lending company was looking for an investment opportunity.

By being candid and understanding the needs of both companies, the partners decided to get into a joint venture in Melbourne.

Now, the Melbourne counterpart carries the “Affinity” name to service clients who need funding for real estate development projects.

In a span of two years, the partners also opened offices in China and Hong Kong.

The Affinity DNA

Cathy with Mr Chan Chun Sing at Fintech for Good Charity Event
Cathy with Mr Chan Chun Sing at Fintech for Good Charity Event
Millet World Member’s Event
Millet World Member’s Event

The Affinity logo represents the investors and clients on both sides and Affinity at the center.

The ever-growing three boxes on their logo also represents the growth impact that Affinity tries to make for all its stakeholders.

Pushing Clients Towards New Horizons While Working Hand In Hand With Their Investors

Riding on their DNA of building “A Better Financial World”, the partners donate to different voluntary organisations every year.

Last year, they contributed to NTUC Income to provide financial support for needy families.  

Apart from that, the two set up a venture capital outfit that invests in start-ups and mentorship programs.

Building A Better Financial World

The Affinity team at a charity event
The Affinity team at a charity event

Although the company has achieved a steady growth path over the past few years, the partners have bigger dreams in mind.

They hope to have a bigger book to lend and help more people to get the financing they need.

“People will forget what you said and what you did. But they will never forget how you made them feel,” Cathy said.

With a strong ethos and dedication, the partners aim to make a positive impact on their clients, investors and the community.

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