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Are you a relationship manager?

  1. Do you want to offer your financial institution’s business loan solutions to SMEs in Lendingpot?

  2. Do you want to be included in Lendingpot’s pool of relationship managers?

Contact us at or WhatsApp to 8774 9895

How it works?

We believe that our platform will only be useful for SMEs if we do not exclude any financial institution or relationship managers who might be interested to join us.

Lendingpot can only be successful if we are useful to business owners in Singapore.

We welcome all, even if we are already connected to multiple relationship managers from the same institution.

Our business loan marketplace is free for all relationship managers, you do not need to pay a fee to join us.

How do relationship managers win cases in Lendingpot?

Eric with Darius Oh, Sales Director of Xingang Investment Pte Ltd.

Lendingpot’s Business Loan Marketplace work based on competitiveness.

We send out our cases simultaneously to all relationship managers where they compete for this business.

We believe that there is only two ways to compete; either by service or price, both of which benefits our SMEs.

To win our cases, we find that the hunger and attitude of a relationship manager very often win over customers.

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Key information about us

  1. Launched in late 2017

  2. A member of the IFS Capital group of companies. Operating fairly and transparently with all partner financial institutions.

  3. Over 70% of verified SMEs* received at least 1 business loan from our partner lenders in 2018


Why do we exist?

We believe it should be easy for SMEs in Singapore to get business financing.


How do we do that?

We reduce barriers for SMEs by providing them with information and connection to make the right decision.


What we do?

We operated a business loan marketplace in Singapore.

Contact us?

+65 6303 0946

+65 8774 9895 (WhatsApp Only)

10 Eunos Rd 8, #09-04 Singapore Post Centre, Singapore 408600