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TranSwap is an award-winning, scaleup FinTech company that empowers businesses to go global by offering customized global finance solutions including payments, collections, multi-currency global accounts, enterprise solutions with API integration and multi-currency cards (coming soon).

  1. Global Network:

    Make payment to more than 180 countries, and hold and manage up to 34 currencies in one global virtual account.
  2. Dedicated Support Team:

    Enjoy dealer support when you call in to book rates – suitable for more traditional SME owners who prefer to talk to a person.
  3. Get Competitive Rates:

    Benefit from competitive rates for CNH and MYR payments that are reliant on TranSwap’s internal demand supply mechanism.
  4. API Enabled:

    Use Transwap's API to instruct currency conversions between your wallets, request exchange rate information, initiate money transfer requests, and more.
  5. Cheaper Than Bank Rates:

    Relatively affordable with an estimated cost of 0.40% on FX spread and a flat fee of SGD14 on a $1,000 USD-SGD conversion, as published on its website.

  1. Payments

  2. Global Account

  3. Customizable API and white-label solutions

  1. Singapore registered companies only

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