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Your all-in-one financial control center that manages your finances, reporting, spending, vendors and cards. Coupled with a modern business account specially designed to help you save money with corporate cards, credit, money transfers, expense reimbursements, and automated accounting.

  1. Cashback of 2% on Fx transactions (On all merchants - No Limitation)
  2. No annual fees or minimum spend
  3. Credit granted up to $500K
  4. Unlimited virtual cards
  5. Budgeting & approval process (Maker-checker)
  6. Real-time spend tracking
  7. Accounting automation (Xero, Quickbooks, Netsuite, and custom integrations)
  8. Employee reimbursement tool

  1. Expense Management Save time by digitalizing and automating your financial processes with Volopay! Get all your finances under control all at one place!

  2. Subscription Management Get insights on subscription spends and control all your subscriptions easily. Pay your subscriptions easily with virtual cards and save up to 2% on all your subscription payments.

  3. Invoice Management Spend management platform that companies use to make invoice payments to supplier within the country and across borders. Additionally, you earn discounts by offering to pay invoices earlier.

  4. Business Credit Line Avail super easy credit line for day-to-day business expenses and start spending efficiently!

  5. Business Account Volopay eliminates the need to have multiple bank accounts, credit cards, expense software and money transfer accounts. Deposits, payments, and tracking are easy —with no minimums, low fees and no limits.

  6. Corporate Travel Volopay offers an intuitive end-to-end corporate travel booking platform. Payment, expense and reconciliation solutions are seamlessly tied in as well.

  1. Business must be a Singapore and Australian entity

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