Marketing techniques for Singapore's SMEs - 5 tricks from online guru Gary Vaynerchuk

Illustration:  Lim Kexin

Illustration: Lim Kexin

A successful entrepreneur, author and speaker, coupled with being an internet personality, Gary Vaynerchuk is the go-to-guy for digital marketing and social media advice.

Zooming in on the emerging online trends, while also building on his expertise, here are 5 marketing tricks selected for SMEs in Singapore from the multitude of Gary Vaynerchuk’s works. Build upon these core ideas and see your business explode!

Source:  Medium

Source: Medium

1. Focus on what the consumer needs, rather than what your service provides.

Rather than placing all efforts into refining your product only to have it garner a lukewarm response from the public, it is key to refocus a company’s attention to the needs of consumers.

By tailoring your product exactly to the needs and wants of the people that are to purchase them, it would definitely reap in the positive outcomes proposed.

An example raised by Vaynerchuk is Guinness Beer. Tapping on basic market research tools such as surveying the public in bars, the company realised that interest in the public lay in soccer and trivia which thus created the idea of the “Guinness World Records”.

Targeting the interests of the consumers thus increases its relativity henceforth driving attention and sales to the brand.

2. Create a “media company”.

Segueing this from the previous point, Guinness or in this case any other company looking to market their products must realise the importance of creating their own “media company”.

By taking matters into your own hands and interweaving hard marketing with various soft marketing approaches, companies are able to see a marked increase in terms of digestibility of the marketing message.

By approaching and developing topics that are of interests to the public, a company can build a website or blog to post related content to gain attention before weaving in a specific “branded message” to reinforce the importance of their product in contributing to the solution or support of this interest-based content to the affinity of the public.

Source:  GaryVaynerchuk

3. Run ads at a low cost.

Ads often do not come cheap thus making it an option that many companies without a large budget to opt to shy away instead. However, it is definitely an option that would allow you to reach out to a wider audience and could actually be achieved at a relatively low cost with some smart budgeting.

Using Facebook, a popular social media website, defining a certain broad-based reach would allow you to target relevant consumers all while being cost-efficient. With a deep understanding of the characteristics of consumers you would like to advertise to would thus allow you to cast a wide yet specific net to target future buyers.

Additionally, running Facebook ads allow companies to execute retargeting for your personal shopping sites to increase the chances of an online purchase or snagging your company a loyal customer.

4. Reply to as many comments and messages as you can.

While it may seem tedious and an unnecessary task in lieu of all the other marketing tactics, being prompt in responding comments, messages and queries would allow companies to keep up to date the needs of the consumers as well as deliver a sense of high-quality customer service.

This brings about a sense of credibility and a platform to receive suggestions on how to improve on a particular service or product in order to attract more customers.

Letting customers know that their opinions and suggestions are acknowledged also increases the chances of retaining long term customers by maintaining this rapport with them.

5. Provide massive value before asking for anything in return.

In spite of refinements made in the final product or service, an issue often arises in terms of eventually marketing it out for profit.

Therefore Vaynerchuk recommends adding value to your customers by first providing them free content on your company’s websites.

Delivering snippets and articles on a dedicated blog or social media account can both can attention and traction with potential customers. As you offer value-added content, it is common to have an increase in following and audience reach.

With this trust built it would be easier to drive the message across to garner sales eventually and customers would be more than willing to fork out their money for something they trust in.

Following these simple tips, you may realise that marketing is not a tough nut to crack after all. With some informed decisions, you may be on your way to be as successful as Gary Vaynerchuk.

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