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Compare SME Cloud Human Resource Software Packages In Singapore 2021 – Swingvy, JustLogin, Talenox and Dashbod

Jennifer Tjahyadi
January 13, 2021

Cloud-based human resource (HR) solutions may have transformed the way companies hire, manage and compensate employees.

With process automation, such solutions may increase productivity in your company and reduce errors in data recording and transmission.

In this article, we will compare four HR cloud software packages from Swingvy, JustLogin, Talenox and Dashbod based on the factors that may influence your purchase decision.

If your decision is based on the:

1. If your decision is based on the features and functions available

Cloud Accounting Software Swingvy JustLogin Talenox Dashbod
CPF Computation / Foreign Worker Levy (FWL)/ Skills Development Levy (SDL) / IR8A

  • CPF, SDL and IR8A
  • Only CPF computation
  • Country Specific Updates (e.g. labour laws)

    Employee Benefits and Claims

    On-boarding, Off-boarding

  • No information
  • On-boarding only
  • On-boarding only
  • Leave Management


    Other Features / Options Benefits
  • Real-time quotes
  • Licensed insurance advisors
  • Payroll
  • Proration
  • Bank integrations
  • Claims
  • Multi-level approval options
  • Custom claim approval
  • Time
  • Mobile timesheet
  • Geofence location
  • Mobile
  • Integrated calendar
  • Integrated HR Hub, Leave, Claims, Time features
  • Push notification
  • JustBenefit
  • Define benefit types for employees

  • JustPayroll
  • Electronic bank submission

  • JustExpense
  • One-click approvals

  • JustClock
  • AI Facial Recognition
  • Photo & GPS attendance tracking
  • JustPeople
  • Stores employee profiles
  • JustLeave

  • Accessible on mobile app
  • Support more than 10 banks such as DBS, OCBC, UOB

  • Accounting
  • Auto bank reconciliation
  • Credit note
  • Sales & purchase order
  • In general, the four cloud HR software may have similar features.

    However, Swingvy’s package may have an edge over the rest, with most of the features available.

    If you are looking for cloud HR and accounting systems, Dashbod offers the basic features in one package. Talenox also provides a relatively complete starter pack for your HR needs.

    Swingvy and JustLogin, on the other hand, group their features under different modules (e.g. JustClock, JustExpense).

    You may have the flexibility to mix and match the features that you need instead of choosing a pre-selected package.

    2. Integration with third-party software

    Cloud Accounting Software Swingvy JustLogin Talenox Dashbod
    Application Integrations
  • Calendar integration (Google Cal, Outlook Cal and iCal)
  • Insurance integration for employee benefits
  • XERO integration
  • Accounting
  • Xero, Quickbooks, NetSuite
  • Background Screening
  • Avvanz
  • Payments
  • Reap, CardUp, MatchMove
  • Performance Management
  • Synergita
  • Recruitment
  • RecruiterPal
  • Integration with DBS
  • Integration with Deputy
  • Integration with Quickbooks
  • Integration with Xero
  • No information
  • Application integrations may ease the transfer and synchronization of data in both applications.

    It may allow your HR team to analyze data cohesively and make decisions that may develop better workplace cultures.

    You may want to identify which applications you want to integrate before settling on a software.

    Try out the trials to get a better picture of how your data is translated to the respective software platforms.

    3. If your decision is based on the costs of the software packages

    Cloud Accounting Software Swingvy JustLogin Talenox Dashbod
    Pricing Payroll
  • $5/person/ mth
  • Time (Coming Soon)

  • $3/person/ mth (billed annually)
  • Premium (HR Hub, Leave, Claims, Benefit)
  • $5/person/ mth
  • JustBenefit
  • JustClock
  • JustPayroll
  • JustPeople
  • JustLeave
  • Just Expense
  • Schedule a call with a sales representative
  • Talenox Suite Plan: $40/mth for first 5 employees, $8 for every next full-time & $4 for part-time staff (with a total monthly cap of $400 for a limited period)
  • Starter Pack
  • $120/mth (unlimited users)
  • Accounting
  • $36/mth (unlimited users)
  • Human Resources
  • $84/mth (unlimited users)
  • Swingvy and JustLogin give you the option to just pay for the modules you need or sign up for their packages.

    The cost is largely dependent on the number of users that you have. If you have a small team, Swingvy’s package and modules may be the best option for you.

    Dashbod and Talenox both provide packages, but the former may be the more affordable option if you have a lot of users.

    Ultimately, you may want to choose a package or the module that would fulfill your business needs. The most expensive package or module may not guarantee the best features or user experience.

    4. If your decision is based on the grants/support available

    Cloud Accounting Software Swingvy JustLogin Talenox Dashbod
    Grants/Support Available
  • Digital Resilience Bonus
  • Digital Acceleration grant
  • Enterprise Development Grant*
  • PSG grant
  • *companies have to appoint Enterprise Singapore-recognised consultant for this
  • Digital Resilience Bonus
  • PSG grant
  • Start Digital Initiative
  • Digital Resilience Bonus
  • Start Digital Initiative
  • Digital Resilience Bonus
  • Lead Grant
  • Start Digital Initiative
  • There are many different types of grants or support that you may be eligible for when applying for cloud HR software.

    Depending on your eligibility, you may apply for more than one grant or initiative.

    If you are eligible for most of the grants or initiatives, JustLogin may be the option for you.

    For more information on the respective grants and initiatives, you may want to ask the sales representative to direct you to the right one.


    When choosing a cloud HR system, you may want to select one that is easy to use and provides greater accessibility to the entire organization.

    Furthermore, you may want to consider the software’s scalability and consistency in delivering optimal experiences across the board.

    If you are still unsure of which option to choose, you may want to sign up for a trial or approach a sales consultant.

    Disclaimer: All the information in this article is believed to be accurate; however, no claims, promises or guarantees about the accuracy, completeness or adequacy of the information are made. This article is based on information found exclusively on their respective websites. We believe our information is representative. However, if there are any errors in our reporting, please contact for rectification. We do not claim to be authoritative. For an accurate definition, terms and conditions and other related information, please refer directly to the software providers.

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