How Fazz’s Working Capital Loans Helps B2B SMEs to Improve Cash Flow

Jennifer Tjahyadi
August 22, 2023

As a B2B business, you often face more cash flow challenges than your B2C counterparts. Your operations typically involve longer payment terms and higher transaction values, which can lead to delayed payments and larger outstanding balances. You may also have a smaller customer base and rely heavily on a few key clients, making you more vulnerable to fluctuations in demand or market changes. 

Traditional banks, with their stringent credit requirements and often lengthy loan application processes, might not provide the swift financial support you need. As a result, you and many other B2B SMEs run the risk of missing growth opportunities due to a lack of immediate, short-term capital access. 

That's where Fazz Financial has a solution designed to bridge this gap. Built by business owners who experienced the same struggles you face, Fazz understands the frustration often associated with securing a loan from traditional banks—sometimes spanning weeks or even months. The founders acknowledged that many SMEs, particularly B2B ones like yours, grapple with maintaining a healthy operational cash flow due to an extended cash conversion cycle. 

In this article, we'll delve deeper into why you should explore the option of applying for business loans with an online financial service provider like Fazz, a platform designed to offer solutions that traditional banks may fall short of. 

Why should you as a business owner consider applying for SME loans from an online financial service provider like Fazz? 

1. Flexibility 

The best thing about online financial service providers like Fazz is that they offer flexibility—loan products shaped to fit your unique business landscape. Imagine repayment options and loan terms, not as rigid structures, but as adaptable frameworks that align with your specific requirements. Borrow and repay according to your cashflow to save on interest. 

2. Speed and convenience 

Digital financial service providers have a simple and straightforward loan application process, which allows businesses to apply for a loan anytime, anywhere. This can save time compared to traditional banks, which often require face-to-face meetings and long wait times. For example, Fazz reviews and approves loan applications as fast as 48 hours. Unlike traditional banks that may take weeks or even months.  

3. Low fees

Digital financial service providers typically have lower operating costs than traditional lenders, which they pass on to their customers in the form of lower fees and better interest rates. These are possible due to their operating model, technology infrastructure, and regulatory flexibility. Fazz offers daily interest rates as low as 0.05% per day. That comes up to only 1.5% in interest per month (one of the lowest non-bank rates in the market). 

Even better, there are no collaterals required when you apply for a business loan with Fazz. 

How does Fazz stand out from other non-bank lenders? 

1. High Quantum Loans: Catering to Big Ambitions 

Fazz Financial sets itself apart by providing loans of large quantums, matching even traditional banks with loans up to $300,000. While most non-bank lenders limit their unsecured loans to $100,000, Fazz broadens your financial horizon, allowing you to undertake larger projects and significantly grow your business. 

2. Payable Financing Credit Line: Optimize Your Cash Flow 

With Fazz, you gain access to a payable financing credit line that can pay your suppliers directly. Their innovative "pay-as-you-use" model eliminates the need for idle cash laying around, which can incur unnecessary interest charges. This approach empowers you to optimize your cash flow and achieve leaner, more efficient financial management. 

3. Full Suite of Services: More Than Just a Lender 

What truly differentiates Fazz is its extensive offering beyond lending. Fazz stands tall as a comprehensive financial partner, boasting a full suite of services that include a neo-bank and cards account. These tools enable you to manage your expenses more effectively, save on foreign exchange costs, and streamline your financial operations. With Fazz, you get a holistic financial solution, not just a lender. 

Applying for a Fazz Business Loan 

Fazz has developed a business loan solution tailored specifically to your needs as a B2B small or medium-sized enterprise (SME), particularly if you're in industries like manufacturing or wholesaling. Companies like yours often need short-term working capital financing to keep operations running smoothly and foster business growth. 

Fazz's short-term business loan equips you with the flexibility necessary to manage your cash flow and meet your financial obligations effectively. Designed with a clear focus on B2B SMEs like yours, Fazz's loan product addresses your unique needs, making it an excellent choice for those seeking short-term working capital financing. 

Applying for Fazz’s business loan can be done in minutes from anywhere through their secured website. Once your loan is approved, you will be able to track your loan summary in detail in their user-friendly dashboard, ensuring that your company does not miss any payments. 

If you are still unsure, make an appointment to speak with us, and we will be happy to assist you with the right loan alternatives for your business. 

Who is Fazz? 

Originally known as Payfazz, and established in 2016 with its headquarters in Jakarta, Indonesia, the company has since rebranded to Fazz Financial following their merger between Xfers and PayFazz to Fazz. 

Fazz’s unwavering support for MSMEs in Indonesia and Singapore can be seen through its loan disbursement of over US$600 million till date. As a provider of the latest and hottest business accounts in the market they also recently raised a $100 million in Series C at the end of 2022. 

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