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MLCB & CBS: What are they?

Lina Tay
April 2, 2024

Whether it be for startup capital or for businesses looking to expand, business loans can be useful in the right situation. As far as your capacity to borrow is concerned, two prominent entities play a crucial role: Moneylenders Credit Bureau (MLCB) and the Credit Bureau Singapore (CBS)–a good reason why comparisons between MLCB vs CBS are a common sight. What are they are which one of the two is really more important? Read on as we break down everything you need to know about the MLCB and the CBS.

What is the MLCB?

The Moneylenders Credit Bureau is a credit reporting agency established in 2016. It functions as a central repository for credit information specifically related to loans obtained from licensed moneylenders. The primary purpose of the MLCB is to promote responsible lending practices and mitigate the risks associated with excessive borrowing.

To do this, the MLCB collects and maintains data related to loans provided by licensed moneylenders. This information includes details about the loan amounts, repayment history, outstanding balances, and other relevant data. While MLCB does not directly calculate credit scores, the information it holds is crucial if you want to be approved for a loan by a licensed moneylender.

The information that the MLCB collects is accessible to you and to all licensed moneylenders in Singapore. Moneylenders go through an individual’s report so that they can make the most informed decision when it comes to loan applications.

Learn to read your MLCB here.

What is the CBS?

Like the MLCB, the Credit Bureau Singapore is a comprehensive credit reporting agency. CBS collects and maintains credit information from financial institutions like banks and credit card companies in order to provide a comprehensive and detailed credit report for individuals. To find out the full list of CBS members, you can check it here.

CBS gathers a wider range of data, covering different types of credit facilities such as credit cards, mortgages, personal loans, and other credit-related activities. The credit scores produced by CBS take into account various factors, including payment history, credit utilisation, and the length of the credit history. The compiled data is then used to create a comprehensive assessment of an individual’s creditworthiness.

Learn to read your CBS here

Which One is More Important?

The most common question that people have about these credit reporting agencies revolves around which of the two is more important. And while this line of questioning is understandable, there’s really no one answer for it. When it comes to business loans, both the MLCB and the CBS play significant roles in shaping a lender’s perception of a borrower. With that being said, the importance of each bureau will vary depending on the type of business loan and the lenders involved. 

The MLCB report is often the primary resource for licensed moneylenders, as these lenders rely heavily on MLCB data to determine your creditworthiness. In fact, moneylenders are required to request a copy of the MLCB report every time a borrower submits a loan application. This report is what lenders use to identify high-risk borrowers. This not only protects the lenders but also the borrowers as it prevents them from taking on more debt than they can manage.

As we’ve already stated, the CBS collects credit card data and comes up with a credit score. These credit scores provide a numerical representation of creditworthiness. Lenders, especially traditional banks, use these credit scores as a quick and standardised way to evaluate risk.

Basically, if you’re looking to borrow from credit facilities, it’s likely that the lenders will check on your CBS credit report so that they can determine your eligibility. If you’re borrowing from licensed moneylenders, the lenders will often assess your MLCB report. With that being said, some lenders may take both reports into consideration as well as other relevant information like your income and employment history. 


We hope this article has helped shed some light on these two credit reporting agencies. As you can see, both agencies are important depending on your specific situation. Having a good understanding of the MLCB and the CBS is key if you’re trying to secure a business loan. 

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